Trending Now: Batanes hosted by BCTA

Batanes is truly a breathtaking place. With its rolling hills, steep cliffs and boulder-lined shores, it was like waking up to a dream or a different country. I had to constantly remind myself we were still in the Philippines. The whole experience was just unreal. It was so picturesque and quaint! Most houses are made of stone and are centuries old, yet they are well-maintained and clean, with pretty potted flowers everywhere. And the people–they were so nice, welcoming and honest. The Ivatans (that’s what you call them) are known for their honesty, they pride themselves with their zero crime rate and get this, they even have a store called ‘Honesty Cafe’ where you basically get what you need and leave your payment in a designated area. It was such a unique experience–I felt like I was one with nature when I was there, and I swear, time went by at a slower pace.


The best way to travel around Batanes: riding a bicycle!


You can’t beat this view.


Another must-see destination in Batanes: Nakaboang Beach, Ark and Cave. This is located at Sabtang Island, a 30-minute boat ride away from the city proper.



I would’ve enjoyed it more if I had brought the right clothes for the trip. I don’t know why I thought it was going to be hot (I think I was only able to retain the word “beach” when they were explaining the itinerary to me and just based it on that), and so my luggage was full of tank tops, shorts and bikinis and I was freezing the entire time. So apparently Batanes is known for its cool and windy weather (everyone knew except me) and it rains all the time there, at any month of the year. We were lucky to experience all sorts of weather conditions when we were there–it was cloudy, foggy, rainy and sunny during the four days we were there. Oh, I forgot to mention we were there filming my show, Trending Now that’s why the weather was so important to us. But more or less our stay there was pleasant–mostly cool and a little sunny.

Our trip was made possible by the good people of Skyjet and Batanes img_1830 Travel Agency (BCTA), who organized everything for us. From our air travel to our itinerary, food and accommodations, they made it all happen. And if you were planning a trip to Batanes, it would be way easier to go through them as they can fix everything for you. My fun experience was documented in Trending Now–the show airs every Sunday, 9pm on ANC (haha shameless plug). Of course, I also took lots of photos for my blog. Hope you enjoy my little travel diary!

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