Top architect is Ivatan, wants to preserve Batanes heritage

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By Juliet Cataluña, Inquirer Northern Luzon (

IVANA, Batanes—The first thing that Rhoupheline Aya Cadiz wants to do after topping the architecture board this year is to broaden her knowledge so she could return to her native Batanes and give back.

Cadiz, 25, who was born and raised in Ivana (pop: 1,181 as of 2010), the smallest town in the Philippines in terms of population, said she wanted to use her skills and knowledge as an architect to help preserve her province’s culture and heritage.

“I want to share what I learned in school and help in the cultural conservation in Batanes,” she told the Inquirer.

Cadiz is the first Ivatan to top the architecture board exam. An architecture graduate of the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City, she got an 87.60 rating in the exam given in Manila last month.

Before studying in UP, she topped her elementary and high school classes in Ivana. During high school in Batanes, she was a youth leader and active in civic and religious organizations.

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