In Love With Batanes Beauty

In Love With Batanes Beauty

August 25, 2012, (published in Manila Bulletin)

Joel Mendoza was one of those people who enjoyed the rat race, never stopping to breathe and smell the roses. To say that he was so career-driven was an understatement because he thrived the most when he was under stress. His mind worked best when he was solving problems and facing challenges. His world was his work. His day revolved around his dental clinic and his family business.

His dad even had to slow him down, telling him to find himself a wife to take care of him. He was adamant about it, thinking that he was okay just the way he was living his life. He didn’t care much about what’s happening around him. He wasn’t into exploring places. He would travel abroad to study and gain more knowledge about his craft. He was at his peak – a bachelor earning his keep.

But that all changed when he met his match, Rosan Castillejos, the only daughter of Batanes Governor Telesforo Castillejos.

The two met through a common friend. April (their common friend) realized how much career-oriented Joel had become and urged him to go out sometimes, relax, and take a night off work. After several discussions and arguments (perhaps with a little coercion), Joel ended up agreeing to the night plan. April told him that she had a friend who would be joining them but she asked him to pick that girl friend from her house. That friend turned out to be Rosan.

With little hesitation, Joel asked where April’s friend lived. She told him in Paranaque. Coming from his dental clinic in Ortigas, Paranaque seemed so remote. He told April he would not drive for one hour or so just to pick up someone and convinced their other friends to go there with him.


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